Lockdown Gallery:

A place to share all our artwork, crafts and activities that have kept us creative during lockdown!

Has arts and crafts kept you sane during shielding, or expanded your skill set during lock down? Have you taken on home schooling and adapted creativeness for enrichment of your children, grandchildren, family , friends? Has the opportunity of lockdown given you time you wouldn’t usually have to dabble in arts and crafts?

Whether you have tried your hand at a new craft or skill, or experimented with a new medium or new style, share with our members and friends your creative achievements in any art or craft piece.

Whatever the reason, whatever the style or medium, know you are not alone, we at the Hartlepool Art Club invite you to share your creations with us. Checkout our Facebook Page or use our contact us section to sign up to our monthly newsletters to find out the latest news and updates all things Art Club. You can also request to join our club here.

Please remember that anything posted here won’t be eligible for the Christmas Exhibition