Keeping Connected…

We are all in an unprecedented time. All of our social groups, gatherings and hobbies outside our home are on temporary suspension due to the Government Lockdown.

However we cannot let our love of drawing, painting, crafts and photography diminish as a result!

It is more important than ever to keep connected these days, so why not use the power of technology to stay in touch and talk about what we love – Art!

We encourage members and friends to share your work – either completed or works in progress – to this part of our website, or our dedicated page on Facebook – Hartlepool Art Club.

Example of work sent in by Neil Brooks:

Hello fellow art club members. I hope you are all keeping safe and taking advantage of the current situation to indulge in your passion for creating art. In these times of social distancing it is important to still socially engage as much as possible, so let’s see what everyone is working on.

To kick things off here’s one I started at the weekend. This is the acrylic under-painting which I’ll now go over in oils to add better colour definition and detail. I’m a complete novice so any tips welcomed.

Now your turn. Let’s see what everyone else has on the easel…

Examples of work sent in by Ken Wynn:

Two fantastic portraits by Ken, full of character and detail – they are definitely recognisable for who they are!

Example of work sent in by Alan Turnbull:

Even our Treasurer is enjoying the sun setting up his easel outdoors and working on something new…..can you guess what it is yet?

Examples of work sent in by Nichola Miles:

Nichola has shared a before and after of an ornament she has revamped in tribute of her cats “Luigi & Daisy”. She has also shared a piece she has in progress of vibrant flowers in acrylic.

Example of work sent in by Irene Archer:

A vibrant night painting of The Shard by Irene, took a few months to complete but it was well worth the time spent.

Example of work sent in by Susan Cheslin:

A colourful work in progress piece by Susan Cheslin, in watercolour.

Examples of work sent in by Rob Wilson:

Some lovely pieces of work shared by Rob including his work in progress piece currently on the easel, making the most of the lovely weather during lockdown and keeping safe.

Examples of work sent in by Ciaran J T Mahoney:

“A selection of work most of which I’ve been doing more or less continuously since January and one still in progress. All are fine-liner pens on paper, cross hatched to make large areas of colour.”

Examples of work sent in by John Young:

To send in your own images please use our Contact Us section of the website or use our Facebook platform to post your own work and tag the club in it or send your images and small bio through Messenger.

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